Maxwell Loren Holyoke-Hirsch 
Nov 5th - Dec 5th, 2009

KQED's review of the show

Balancing forces of chaos, inclinations toward order, and the freedom to play, Megarealms is a dynamic equilibrium between tangibles and impossibilities. Operating in the space between principle fundamentals and measured restraint, Megarealms is at once architectural, sculptural, designed, and painterly. The interplay of color, form, scale, dimension, media and theme activates connections that redefine relationships and forge cohesion among seemingly disparate elements. Teetering on the edge of infinity, Megarealms bends the boundaries of perception, challenging supposed tensions between the everyday and the fantastical, the concrete and the abstract, function and form, restraint and inhibition.

An artistic superstructure conjured from experiences of happiness, despair, solitude and impossibility, Megarealms is as much a work of narrative as it is an experience of its own. Marking a year since his debut solo exhibition, Megarealms is first in an installment of ten exhibitions to be created over the next ten years by artist Maxwell Loren Holyoke-Hirsch.


Maxwell Loren Holyoke-Hirsch is a San Francisco based artist and illustrator. Highly versatile, Maxwell shapes color, balance, and form into rich narratives that resonate across painting, mixed media, drawing, sculpture, woodcut, design, rooms, walls, web, and print. Maxwell’s work has featured in exhibitions across the coasts and been commissioned by clients including Fantagraphics books, The New York Sun, The New York Times, and Virgin Records.