KeFe (Kelly Tunstall and Ferris Plock)
“Inside voices”
April 24 – May 23, 2015
Opening reception: Fri., April 24th (6-9pm)


Preview inquiries:

San Francisco, CA -- FFDG is pleased to present local artist duo KeFe or Kelly Tunstall and Ferris Plock in their third solo show with the gallery entitled “Inside Voices” including paintings, drawings, and an installation. An opening reception is scheduled for Friday, April 24th (6-9pm). The artists will be present. 

"Inside Voices" will feature a series of new paintings by Tunstall and Plock, as well as large collaborative works. You'll see a lot of what the pair does best: big, pattern filled, colorful fun with a twist. Rather than seeing the exhibition as a movie or short cartoon and externally illuminating it, as they have worked previously, the artists have looked inside for their storytelling source material.

In particular, Tunstall has used this body of work to take exhaustive stock of her current inspiration in order to extend her personal mythology, allowing a study in how her processes move from the internal to the external. Returning to familiar media: like pen and ink drawings on tissue paper, has allowed the work to come from a certain amount of muscle memory.

As the parents of two young boys, both Tunstall and Plock are aware of the restrictions placed upon children and parents alike. According to Tunstall, they encourage joy, exploration, openness, and color in their kids and carry these principles into their practices, and are inspired, in turn, by the passions of the boys.

Being parents, the duo has a certain familiarity with the term “Inside Voices.” However, instead of considering the term in its ability to confine expression (or simply part of being a good neighbor on Sunday morning at 7 am), they re-imagine the term as less a restricting plea of quiet and calm, but rather, the inside voice that we all hear every day but don’t necessarily share with anyone else.

Our inside voices are the ones that make us want to waterslide all the way to the grocery store while eating pizza and drinking grape soda. Inside voices can be confrontational, or so multiple that it is impossible to concentrate on just one as it bounces back and forth. But no matter their confusion, inside voices allow us all to look inside ourselves for creative inspiration. This exhibition exemplifies the inner workingsof two influential San Francisco creatives.

Ferris Plock and Kelly Tunstall are San Francisco-based artists who live in San Francisco with sons Brixton and Aengus.

Through a variety of mediums including acrylic, watercolor, spray paint, ink, gold or silver leaf and collage, Tunstall and Plock create detailed works, often character-based paintings, on wood panels. In San Francisco, the pair’s large scale collaborative exhibitions have been showcased at The Shooting Gallery/White Walls, FFDG and 111 Minna, and the two have frequently shown with Park Life.

Additionally, both have been involved in solo and group exhibitions in Tokyo, San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York, and have participated in exhibitions in London, Paris, and Miami. Their work is featured in San Francisco’s Michelin-starred restaurant SPQR and at hotel Alcazar and restaurant Cheeky's, located in Palm Springs.

Plock brings a dedicated focus to his work, paired with a wild sense of originality, which combines contemporary pop culture with the aesthetic of Japanese ukiyo-e woodblocks. Plock’s work is currently on view in “Samurai!” at the Worcester Art Museum, Massachusetts. Plock also served as the 2010 SF Recology Artist in Resident, and has created illustrations for many high-profile clients. 

Kelly Tunstall was born in 1979 and received her BA from California College of the Arts and Crafts in 2002. In stylized figural works, Tunstall deals with the contrast between a compositional, portrait-like formality and a more casual revelation of method. Her work is on permanent view in Bay Area restaurants A16, A16 Rockridge and Bar Crudo.


FFDG is pleased to present Mexico City-based visual artist Favio aka 'Curiot' in his second solo show at FFDG entitled “Down the Rabbit Hole with Neon Lights” featuring a new series of colorful and vibrant acrylic paintings on canvas. An opening reception is scheduled for Friday, March 27th (6-9pm). The artist will be present. The show runs through April 18th.


 If you are interested in receiving a link to our purchase preview of original works, please send an email to


In this multi-layered show, viewers are initially greeted with a visually entertaining journey of a creature that becomes curious of the source of raining souls, a common element in Curiot’s work. Getting as close as possible to the vortex of souls, the creature is sucked in and sent to the strangest land, a virtual consequence to his muddled days in the past. Next, the work draws inspiration from the rapid pace of technology, various social problems, and how our environment can therefore take a hard hit, showing the future as uncertain, almost foggy in a way, where you can see figures and objects popping up without being able to positively identify them.  This body of work is driven by the sense of transition we can find ourselves in; half of it shows a slight entanglement with nature while the other half is testing the waters of a virtual realm.


Curiot’s colorful paintings, featuring mythical half-animal half-human figures and scenes, which allude to Mexican traditions (geometric designs, Day of the Dead styles, myths and legends, tribal elements), are rendered in precise detail with a mixture of highly vibrant yet complementary colors. Inspired from Pre-Hispanic cultures, nature and urban contemporaneity, the artist explores the relationship between man and nature.


Favio earned his B.F.A from the Universidad Michoacana de S.N. Hidalgo in 2008. His paintings have been exhibited in diverse solo and group venues including: Cirlcle Culture Gallery, Fecal Face, Thinkspace Gallery, Fifty24MX, BMW Museum, CCBorder, Scope Art Fair, Stroke, among others.