Todd Francis: THANKS A LOT

January 8 - 31, 2016

Purchase Inquiries:

FFDG is pleased to present revered artist Todd Francis in his first solo show with the gallery entitled Thanks A Lot, showcasing new studio work with five charcoal drawings nearly six feet tall each and four larger water color paintings. 

A common trope throughout Todd Francis’ oeuvre is what he calls “environmental warfare.” This warfare ranges from Francis’ widely known decrepit and confused pigeons who continually appear facing a variety of byproducts of the human condition to larger studio works depicting struggle, violence and conquering between animals and man such as his 2008 series entitled When Animals Rape or his triumphant yet bleak Desolation series of 2013. There are certainly startling or disturbing elements to some of these past works which only enhances their effectiveness. The dark humor seen in most of his work mixed with elements of commentary makes for a layered experience when viewing. It can go like this- a quick laugh, a grimace maybe followed by an approving survey of the skill and hopefully ending with a shudder of reality and an emotional reflection.

Todd Francis is an American artist born and raised in Los Angeles with a decade long stint in San Francisco in there. For the last two decades he has created memorable and iconic skateboard graphics for a number of companies including Antihero (Francis created the original Eagle logo), Element, Real, Spitfire and Stereo. In addition, he continuously partners on signature design projects with respected brands such as Vans, Stance, HUF, Nike, and Oakley. His work combines often-bleak humor with environmental and political themes, using a variety of media to convey his message. The more social commentary side of his work can be seen monthly on his one page editorial in the iconic Penthouse magazine.  A book on his career and art, “Look Away: The Art of Todd Francis” is currently in print, published by Wins Publishing. Todd is the co-founder of Special Crud, a clothing and art brand with Equal Distribution. His work has been featured in numerous skate, art and culture magazines including Juxtapoz, Vice, Monster Children, Hypebeast, Penthouse, Complex, and Thrasher.


Some thoughts on Todd Francis from esteemed humans and press:

“A selection from Todd’s vast and astounding body of work: from skate decks to t-shirts, to paper, to baubles.  Yes, baubles.  Look at his baubles. If you can honestly look across the room at your bookshelf and say, ‘That’s a bookshelf,’ even though this book isn’t on it, you need to get your head examined: that’s some planks nailed together, man.  Buy this book and sort that shit out.” –Mike D (musician/Beastie Boys) in Monster Children

“You can always count on artist Todd Francis  ... will never, ever, disappoint ... But graphics and fine art are only a portion of what the Swiss Army knife known as Todd Francis can do for you.”  – Seb Carayol (journalist/curator)

“Todd Francis has some of the best skateboard graphics of all time with a combination of humor, style and vulgarity that strikes the intended chord that skateboarders look for in their artwork.” - Jeremy Fish (artist) 

“super talented” –JUXTAPOZ

“Todd Francis mutilates your eyeballs in the best way.” Thomas Campbell

“Todd Francis makes skateboard art that doesn’t suck … He is responsible for the eagle and pigeon logos that have become synonymous with Anti-Hero, as well as a wealth of fucked up, edgy, and awesome graphics for more brands than I care to count” –VICE MAGAZINE